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Aloe Hedgehog


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Aloe Humilis

Hedgehog Aloe is a very low maintenance and easy to please succulent, making it vastly appealing. This plant is especially attractive as it is a natural air cleaner, removing harmful toxins from the air. It will often produce beautiful spikes of coral flowers in the spring and summer.

Light: Flourishes best in bright indirect to full sun 

Water: Water once every 2-3 weeks, luckily these tend to adapt to the temperature and dryness of your home. Make sure you aren't overwatering your succulent as it can develop root rot if so

Pet: Not pet friendly as it can cause mouth irritation and problems in digestion

Fertilization: Like most other succulents, apply liquid, diluted fertilizer during the spring and summer and withhold fertilization in the winter and fall when it is growing less

Size: 5" pot with a 10” plant

Family: Asphodelaceae


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