Ferme Réservoir

Winter Vegetable box - 2021 season


Ferme Réservoir's Winter Box program offers you a chance to eat local, delicious vegetables, delivered to your home, even in the depths of winter! Tom and Abbi love to eat creative and homey meals in the winter and we share this passion with their members! We offer 8 deliveries of winter produce over a 14-week period, from mid-November to February. They provide local vegetable delivery right to your door!

All of their seasonal vegetables are grown on their farm in Low, QC.


─  frost-sweetened vegetables since we harvest in the snow
─  thoughtful surprises from your farmers, like handwritten cards
─  home delivery means fewer grocery trips during snowstorms
─  no plastics; only paper bags and glass jars
─  a bi-weekly newsletter from your farmers with farm updates and recipes
─  a connection to the local food community from our collaborations with other producers


Contactless delivery to your door from Venosta to Hull, Cantley to Masham!


─  November 10 + 24

─  December 8 + 22

─  January 5 + 19

─  February 2 + 16


For 8 home-delivered boxes, the cost is $440. 
For 8 on-farm pickups or pickup locations, the cost is $400. 

* Add an egg share @ 7$/dz

“We have a big garden in the summer and supplement that with local markets. I hate having to buy imported, industrial grown vegetables packed in plastic. A winter box seemed like a dream - being able to have high quality, super tasty, organic, local vegetables for most of the winter. We really appreciated it. Only wished it could go on for a bit longer.”

We’re excited to team-up with local producers to include surprises from friends like Vox Kombucha, Le Bar à Savon, Älska Farm or The Wax Studio. Our own surprises, like chutneys, dried beans and pickles, will be included to add some pizzazz to your vegetable box. 

In the cart page you will be asked to choose a date + time that suits you best!

available at the farm Mondays to Saturdays

Free on order over 100$ and 75kms away from the farm on Thursdays. 
Orders need to be placed by Wednesday 10PM please.

Due to the nature of the products, no refunds are possible. We can offer a store credit. 

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