Ferme Thuya

Bulk beef


We are now taking orders for 1/4 beef

100lbs for $1150
(payable via e-transfer only to info@fermethuya.ca or cash)
Delivery is Dec 1st 2022

$300 deposit to secure your box
(we are only selling 4 boxes for now)
The rest payable by e-transfer or cash upon delivery

2 boxes include:

1x - bones 2lbs per package
3x - cubes 2lbs per package
18x - ground 2lbs per package
3x - patties 2 lbs per package
3x - sausage 1 lbs per package
6x - french steak 1 lbs per package
4x - sirloin 1.5lbs per package
4x - striploin 1 lbs per package
6x - t-bone 2lbs per package
4x - rib eye 2lbs per package
2x - filet mignon 0.5lbs per package (1)
3x - roast 3lbs each (9) 

Should feed a family of four that eats meat regularly for 6 months

Our animals are raised with the utmost love & care
I give them a small treat of organic grain every day as a discipline technique and to tenderize the meat

They also receive natural kelp and salt as minerals

Is this for you? Contact me via email info@fermethuya.ca


➀ Dans la boutique de la ferme - toujours ouverte
➁ Marché Parkdale mercredi après-midis 16h-20h
➂ Marché Wakefield samedi matins 9h-13h



sur des commandes au delà de 20$ à 75km de la ferme les jeudis.
Les commandes doivent être plaçées avant mercredi 22h00



En raison de la nature des produits, aucun remboursement n'est possible

Nous pouvons offrir un crédit magasin.

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