I'm Anne-Marie and this is my farm. 

Please go see this IGTV explaining where the name comes from. 

The vision for the farm has morphed and moved a lot with time. Instead of trying to simply fit into a mold I really wanted to craft a small business that embodies what we've been living here on this land, how we take care of our bodies and our homes by offering the fruits of our labour. 


My full time gig is actually freelance Graphic Design services through Flourish Creative. Hence the aesthetic involved with this farm. I love good design + pretty things :)

You'll be seeing as well a curated selection of craftsmanship from the region and art work! 

On the business side of things, it will continually evolve with offerings coming available so please follow me on Instagram since that's where I'll be doing most of the product drops.

We plan on having a physical very small farm store opening September 18th ish, see you then!