Ferme Thuya

Maranta lemon lime


Marantas need specific care in order to thrive.
They need a consistently warm spot and bright but indirect light – keep them out of direct sunshine.

Keep the soil moist from spring to autumn, and provide some humidity by misting the leaves daily.They need to be watered with filtered or distilled water, or rainwater – not tap water.


Marantas do best in bright, indirect light but will tolerate a bit of shade. Avoid direct sunlight, as this will scorch the leaves.


also know as prayer plant because the leaves curl in at night time and open up in the morning 🙏

➀ In the barn store - always open
➁ Parkdale market Wednesday afternoons 4pm-8pm
➂ Wakefield market Saturday mornings 9am-1pm


all orders minimum 30$
30kms away from the farm - free
Over 30kms away from the farm - 5$ delivery fee is added
Orders need to be placed by Wednesday 10PM please.

**recently had to raise my prices due to all the current cost increases** 
Thanks for your support!

Due to the nature of the products, no refunds are possible. We can offer a store credit. 

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