Ferme Thuya

Pork Fondue


Thinly cut strips for fondue or raclette. Make it a different evening šŸ«•Ā 

about 0.5lbs per package

Pasture-Raised, No Growth Hormone or Antibiotics, Non-Certified Organic

The pigs have aces to forest and fields as well as a creek to drink fresh water out of. Providing the best environment for ourĀ pigs is truly what we care about. Building an eco-system farm where each element has it's role to play is super important to us.Ā 

Healthy happy naturalĀ pigs will feed you & your family!Ā 

Pigs areĀ processed at a provincially certified abattoir and vacuum sealed in clear plastic.Ā Please keep in the freezer.Ā 

Takes about 24 to thaw out depending on size.Ā 

TheĀ piglets come fromĀ Peabody FarmĀ in Venosta
The Certified Organic feed fromĀ Bio RareĀ near GranbyĀ 
TheĀ abattoirĀ is certified in Saint-Madeline



āž€ In the barn store - always open
āž Parkdale market Wednesday afternoons 4pm-8pm
āž‚ Wakefield market Saturday mornings 9am-1pm


all orders minimum 30$
30kms away from the farm - free
Over 30kms away from the farm - 5$ delivery fee is added
Orders need to be placed by Wednesday 10PM please.

**recently had to raise my prices due to all the current cost increases**Ā 
Thanks for your support!

Due to the nature of the products, no refunds are possible. We can offer a store credit.Ā 

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