Ferme Thuya

Pothos Silver Satin


Scindapsus Pictus

This plant is perfect for you if you want something green in your space without the commitment of high demand maintenance. The quick growing vines are not only easy to train but also help purify the air. Pothos are virtually indestructible and easy to grow. Regular pruning will help their growth and create thicker stems. 

Light: Pothos prefer medium to bright indirect sunlight, but can live in lower light conditions as well

Water: Water the soil thoroughly after the soil is almost completely dry. When the leaves start wilting, it is time for another watering

Pet: This plant is toxic if ingested and may cause skin irritation in some. Keep away from pets 

Fertilization: Expect in the wintertime, apply a diluted, liquid fertilizer to moist soil once a month or every two months if you are using a slow releasing fertilizer. This plant wants a complete fertilizer with equal parts nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Size: 4" pot with a 6" plant

Family: Arums


➀ In the barn store - always open
➁ Parkdale market Wednesday afternoons 4pm-8pm
➂ Wakefield market Saturday mornings 9am-1pm


all orders minimum 30$
30kms away from the farm - free
Over 30kms away from the farm - 5$ delivery fee is added
Orders need to be placed by Wednesday 10PM please.

**recently had to raise my prices due to all the current cost increases** 
Thanks for your support!

Due to the nature of the products, no refunds are possible. We can offer a store credit. 

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