What are you really doing in Low, Qc?


Ha! Oh my I get asked this question like all the time. Anyone that have visited the farm understands, without having exchanged any words, the why. What a beauty this magical place.


T H E  V I S I O N 

The journey to purchasing land is not an easy one. I'm very grateful to my family and support system for helping me get to that place in July 2017. Working almost every waking hour during my twenties with sometimes 3 jobs at the same time makes it all worth it, now.

My vision was pretty clear, since a very young age, maybe 16 that I wanted to craft a unique life for myself and future family. Having way too much fire (Pitta in Ayurveda) this passion is the reason I have gotten here today. Spending a lot of time in the health and yoga atmosphere studying, learning, travelling and working my ass off. That's how my love for cooking got tied into the lifestyle I was longing for. I was taking great attention to the ingredients going into my body. Worrying about where my food came from. Has it been sprayed with pesticides? You know, taking my health into my own hands. And honestly being pissed off about what is going on in the world and pharmaceuticals and Roundup... 

Is that something anyone else can relate to? So I went off and started volunteering at farms a little all over. In Mont-Tremblant, Qc overseas in Portugal and back home in Wakefield, Qc. That way of life just made my heart pump. My body so tired from working the land mixed with the joy of community surrounding the harvest. Art. Small business love and some serious ingenuity. Where ever I went to, the thought behind an idea always made me truly in owe of those owners. 

That little entrepreneurial spirit of mine was going. Trying to figure out how to make that dream come true, someday, oneday. 


T H E  C O N C E P T

So, let's just be real for a minute, I'm totally a workaholic. Probably anyone who owns some form of a small business is, in some way. I started building up my freelance design business Flourish Creative because I knew that would support me financially. Having a true love for design, creative thinking and good work ethic. Then, I really found that I was the most efficient in nature, alone and close to the wild as possible. I know that sounds weird because, you need wifi to work but that is the environment I was craving. That was my structure. When I purchased the land, we did just that. Build a little tiny office in the fields to craft brands, ponder strategies and build websites. Thanks to all my fabulous entourage that helped make that happen & Neighbours lending me their gear of course! 


For the farm, there were many vegetable farms around so I wanted to try something different. Then I thought of craft beer and how its a blend of agriculture, craftmenship and good design. So I thought that could be a really cool opportunity for me. Create a space where people can come and enjoy this lifestyle that many love to come see. I will try to create that some day. 


R E A L   E A T S

To grow vegetables, you really need a strong eco system. This land hasn't been worked in a while and was previously hay and pasture so it required alot of love to get the garden to have lesser weeds and boost the nutrients in the soil. I really enjoyed raising chickens, for eggs and for meat. So for now that is what we offer until the hop yard is set and the brewery one day too. We pasture the birds so they can poo all over and prepare the hop yard for planting in 2021.


F O R   T H E   H O M E

You'll also find a really neat selection of house plants, that are grown in a very small scale environment with some curated items made from artisans of the region. 

I care a lot about reducing plastic and maintaining a healthy home so those sustainable finds will be added to this shop as well. 

Art is a huge part of my creative life so you'll be seeing trickles of this alongside everything I do. 


Hope this makes sense. Low is amazing, love everyone here the community is epic and it's close to Ottawa. Not that we need to go to town that often ;) 


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