What does being "Organic" actually represent?

This word "Organic" gets thrown around all over but truly, what does it actually mean? It's not at all simply a marketing scheme, although many do think so. 

We trust that the producers using this term "Organic" actually abide by those principles. Not by that damn annoying paper work. I'm talking about maintaining the plant realm. That is what Organic means to me. If it doesn't come from the earth, it can't be Organic. It's that simple. I have been studying for so long how to live a plant based life. Not by being vegan and all that (although I did do that, didn't suit my constitution at all haha). More-so about taking responsibility towards the food we eat, to the clothes and products used in our house and our consuption in general. Now I really am making a shift to an all plant based medicine and natural solution to my health with DoTerra. That's a whole other subject in it's own. 

Supporting Organic agriculture means moving beyond the "band-aid" our previous generations have came all too accustomed to and revert back to the true agriculture our ancestors used to colonize this "new-world". It's about not spraying your fields with chemicals, or reaching for this pest remover or planting that genetically modified seed. It's a conscious choice. About reconnecting with the land, embracing all it's challenges and finding creative solutions to maintain a bountiful harvest. Staying true to nature and all it's teachings. 

That is what the plant realm means to me.

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