What homesteading means to us.

Certainly, my partner can attest to the fact that I love home grown, organic, happy and nutrition rich food. For me, that also means, how many miles it's travelled, how long ago it's been harvested and most importantly, where does it come from? 


By growing our own food, the answer is really simple. Head over to the garden or the cold storage in the winter and whip up a delicious meal. Nothing makes us happier!


The other part, that thankfully we both love, is hardass honest work involved into that simple act of having a home grown meal. 

  • Starting the seeds in the dead of winter. Figuring out heat and lighting and watering indoors? That's a challenge in itself. 
  • Planting all day and night in the spring. Calling for help (thanks mom!) and then having all of your seedlings eaten barely 24hours in by flee beatles, our own chickens or just die off from frost. 
  • Weather. We need it. We love it. We hate it. Plants don't like the cold so in the beginning there is a whole lot of row covering happening. Uncovering. Recovering. You get the picture. 
  • Water is always a battle. The size of a garden we like (ha always feels too big) requires irrigation and trusting our beloved shallow well pump has left us stranded more than once. Rene carefully dug out a little pond this year so we could just turn on the gas powered pump and go. 
  • We weed, constantly, often to be honest I need the time offline and in the dirt to zone out in the elements. It's a nice excuse to hang out with my mom again. Having a clean garden is pretty satisfying too. 
  • But when they start getting healthier, stronger plants. The simple act of harvesting those vegetables. Makes a girl real happy !


Making meals from those "high maintenance" ;) crops is so satisfying. I personally feel like they feed us beyond nutrition but as a lifestyle. A true way of life rooted in time, in the elements, in tradition and honest hardass work.

We love preparing meals and enjoy this labour. 




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