Grow Your Own Garden - lesson 01 plannification

Welcome to my Grow Your Own Garden series. 

I've been meaning to do this for a while so here we go! 

Gardening is my passion and it's so nice to eat year long from your own land. 

Lesson one : planning
Lesson two : order seeds
Lesson three : gather supplies
Lesson four : lighting and setup
Lesson five : sowing method
Lesson six : keep em alive ;)

The Garden Planting Dates 2021 spreadsheet is here

Watch IGTV video here

Today we are talking about the first lesson: planning a garden


S T E P 01

Make a grocery list of which crops you like to eat and which ones you want to grow



S T E P 02

Organize the crops by family / the ones that take longest to germinate. I'm a strong believer of batch working so I group my weekend sowings together. 
Please note that the time required to plant varies on your speed and setup so just do you and organize your own time as you wish <3




Know the design dimensions of your garden
Draw it out on a piece of paper and lay out a bed for each crop you wish to grow.
A good method is to grow the crops you harvest the most, closest to the house.
We put the storage crops at the far back.
Rotate each crop family every year to help with disease and bug issues. 



Next week we'll be talking with Catherine from northern seeds about which seeds to choose and what quantity to buy. Follow her on Instagram



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